Saturday, April 4, 2009

Make Earth Day Last All Year Long

As a writer, I try to fuse all of my passions and causes together, and with pen in hand, help educate about important topics like saving our planet.

This month, I want to remind or inform, whichever circumstance fits you, that April is Earth Month and April 22nd is EARTH DAY. In celebration of this day, month and cause, help me make EARTH DAY last all year long by making a few, small lifestyle changes that will make a huge, positive impact on Planet Earth.

Think about your plans to pitch in this month and help salvage our Earth. As an individual, there is so much you can do to help. Will you recyle? Switch from drinking bottle to tap water? Save fuel by car pooling or using public transportation?

Large and small corporations are pitching in also! And with their help, collectively, we can re-build a safer, cleaner environment for generations to come.

One such company, Aveda, is making an impact by donating their salon proceeds to grassroots organizations that protect biodiversity and address environmental issues around the world.

Each year the company's salon and spa professionals, employees and others choose a specific environmental theme to help raise awareness around the issue, cultivate and educate supporters, and contribute funds to dedicated non-profit conservation organizations.

On a day when Aveda salons and spas are normally closed, the company opens for business and contributes all sales from that day to the cause, making their clients and the Earth beautiful at the same time.

You can also start this month by encouraging your employer to contribute to the preservation of our planet. Find out if you can form a committee, then get busy by coordinating the following:

  • Replace incandescent light bulbs with fluorescent bulbs.

  • Use less electricity by plugging in to a power strip, then switch it off when you leave your office.

  • Recycle and decrease paper consumption by editing drafts onscreen.
  • Become an Energy Star-compliant office
These and other such efforts will not only positively impact your company's bottom line by saving money on energy, paper and other resources, they will protect our planet.

Do your part to help make EARTH DAY last all year long. Visiting Get Active. Go Green! and help save the planet and our youth!

As part of our environmental responsibility, we’re making Earth Day last all year long. By recycling, reusing, reducing and educating, we are protecting and restoring the Earth’s resources. Get Active. Go Green!

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